Destination 2040 is an exciting, collaborative effort to build upon the legacy of the previous Comprehensive Plan and the Stellar Plan to move forward together.

About the plan

A Comprehensive Plan is a guidance document for future growth and development focusing on the next 10 to 20 years. It serves as the map for communities to realize their vision and aspirations through goals and action policies.Destination 2040 is an update to the 2014 Culver Comprehensive Plan. This plan is not meant to be done alone but should include all residents and businesses in Culver. We invite you to participate in this exciting process over the next 12 months! With your help, we can create a shared vision and a strategic direction to navigate our community forward to 2040.

Process Updates

Having completed several of their Stellar Communities projects and moving into implementation of their Regional Stellar Communities projects, the Town began to look at what comes next for Culver. The previous Comprehensive Plan was done in 2015, which should be relooked every 5-10 years. The Town asked the Michiana Area Council of Governments to assist our effort to plan for the future. This process will begin with engaging the public to understand what they would like to see in the future for the Town of Culver. Additionally, we are working with MACOG to develop a Trail Branding and Wayfinding guide for the trails in Culver.We are inviting all of the public who call Culver home to participate in this process. Review the opportunities below and get involved.

Get Involved

The success of this plan depends on individuals like you to get involved to make the plan our own! Take advantage of the following opportunities to provide input:


The best way to tell us what you think is to complete this survey. We want to know what you think about Culver and what you would like to see in the future!

Postcards from the future

Imagine you're living in Culver in 2040. Write a postcard describing what Culver looks like in 2040, how is the Town different or what's changed from today, and what you like to do for fun or highlight major destination places in Culver.Visit Culver's Town Hall to grab a postcard and return it back to the Town Manager at Town Hall.



Questions? Contact Donny Ritsema at dritsema@macog.com or 574.287.1829 ext. 503.